Our leadership team oversees all functions within Harvest Properties, leveraging its collective experience to ensure that excellence is achieved for our partners, clients and employees alike. Partners at Harvest facilitate the execution of the company’s strategy by ensuring seamless execution in all facets of an asset’s lifecycle within the Harvest portfolio, with a focus on growing the capabilities of all our employees—because our people are our single most important asset.


Our hyper-local focus sets us apart. The acquisitions team identifies opportunities through strong industry relationships garnered through strategic market focus and significant transaction experience in the Bay Area. We bring a disciplined operational approach to investing that provides credibility and distinguishes us as a leading performer in our region.

Asset, Construction and Development Services

Our asset, construction, and development services team digs the details. From completing lease analyses to comparing construction bids, from entitlement work to project design and oversight, our asset, construction, and development services team is poised to leverage its extensive market knowledge and industry relationships to ensure that strategic and cohesive decisions are made, communicated and executed. Our asset managers possess a deep understanding of all operational aspects affecting an asset, allowing for superior execution and producing unparalleled results. Our construction, development, and entitlement professionals bring buildings to life – taking them from concept, through entitlement and out of the ground, to ultimately deliver the projects of tomorrow.

Property Management

Our property managers think and act like owners. This unique approach defines our services and ensures a hands-on, detail-oriented and responsive approach, specifically tailored to each assignment. Harvest’s commitment to high-quality customer service and good stewardship for our assets translates into rapid response times and around-the-clock availability for our tenants.


Our finance team is focused on the numbers, because the numbers matter to us as much as they do to you. With a full-service, seasoned financial and accounting team, Harvest effectively handles full-cycle accounting and financial reporting requirements for the diverse needs of our partners and clients.

Investor Relations

Our relationships are paramount and communication is key. Our investor relations team has extensive experience in property acquisitions, asset management, accounting and dispositions, enabling effective communication with existing and prospective investors alike.